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We all know that Employee Productivity plays a pivotal role in building a sustainable business.

Employee Productivity? —Productive employees are people who are willing(without any coercion) to do their best work all the time — who will happily go above and beyond their job description and contribute to the company — who don’t need a daily dose of external motivation from their superiors(They’re internally driven).

As productive employees love their work, they are happy and joyful. Allison Aubrey wrote in an NPR article, “Studies show that when a person becomes happy, a friend living close by has a 25 percent…

We all know that organizational culture plays a pivotal role in building a sustainable business. And recently, successful organizations have shown that one critical ingredient, Workplace Transparency, is a significant influencer in developing a favorable organizational culture.

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The benefits of transparency at all levels inside the organization —

  • A transparent workplace nourishes a fearless environment, encouraging employees to be open about their ideas, criticisms, achievements, and mistakes. They can be themselves instead of being somebody else. Happy employees mean satisfied customers.
  • Transparency in meetings would bring all the hidden problems, information, and insights from the work environment to the surface…

12 Angry Men movie is about 12 jurors from distinctive backgrounds meeting in a room to discuss the murder trial of an 18-year old boy from a slum charged with stabbing his father to death.

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What lessons did I observe in the movie?


In the opening scenes, juror eight alone votes for “non-guilty.” Other jurors are annoyed and started targeting him.

Several leadership books/articles have glamourized the leader’s contribution to an organization’s success. They projected an image that a leader was responsible for everything. It has indirectly advocated self-centred leadership among the readers.

Unfortunately, some people have achieved business & financial success, fame, and power through self-centred leadership. They have made decisions and took actions solely on the condition that it would boost their career, reputation, or power. For them, caring for others is secondary to personal gain. However, after a while, those leaders have started intimidating and manipulating of subordinates, creating an internal culture of toxicity. …

A few years back, American psychologist and author Adam Grant read a story in Fortune about Silicon Valley’s best-kept secret. He writes that it wasn’t a product or process or hardware or technology. It was about a person. His name was Bill Campbell — football coach turned leadership coach. Bill had coached and guided several leaders from Google to Intuit to Apple to several other companies. For many leaders, he had remained a shining light during their period of turmoil.

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Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg, and Alan Eagle have written a book “Trillion-Dollar Coach” based on what they’ve learnt from Bill…

Bill Campbell, Former Chairman, Intuit, stressed building communities in the workplace. And he also coached leaders in achieving that.

The research also shows that communities were a critical factor in building a sustainable business.

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DaVita’s CEO Kent J Thiry says, “Building a community is our organization’s first priority. The company comes second. Our employees spend more than 50% of waking hours as an adult in the workplace. The workplace has become central to the employee’s life mission. So, it is important that he could make emotional connections in his workplace. It impacts the work positively.


Bowerbirds, one of the amazing creatures on our planet, could be found across the forests and shrublands of Australia and New Guinea. They are famous for their unique courtship behavior, where males build an elaborate nest and decorate it with sticks and visually fascinating, brightly colored objects(rare to find things). The nests vary in different shapes and sizes. Some of the structures rise to nine feet off the ground.

The Bowerbird works hard in differentiating the nest from other nests by decorating it through painting and arranging the objects. These nests serve only one purpose — to attract females. …

In a day, millions of people spend several hours on Facebook. Many of them check their Social Networking website as soon as they wake up every morning. (Studies also show that millions of people check their Facebook multiple times a day.) They use the product on their own, again and again, without any coercive calls from the site. Facebooking has become a habit.

How did Facebook build such loyalty among its customers?

The research shows that several factors have contributed to the brand’s success. But one element stands out — Enticing users to invest their time and content.

It was…

When we start a business or a new brand, it is essential to aim for a long-term payoff for all our efforts and investments — A sustainable ROI. One of the ways to achieve that is to strive for getting maximum value from each customer(higher Customer Lifetime Value(CLTV)) — It means the brand should look for developing loyal customers.

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The first step in building a loyal customer base is to position your brand inside a consumer’s mind that is called Brand Positioning. It is called the consumer’s perception of a brand with respect to competing brands.

The ways to enter…

The year 2004 — MySpace and Friendster were fighting against time to become a world’s dominant social network. Both the websites already had millions of members. Another website, Orkut, backed by Google, was making rapid inroads into the social networking sphere. These companies had money and people to conquer the world. At this time, a group of college students headed by a person named Zuckerberg launched a social networking site called Thefacebook from his dormitory room. It started as a college student’s passion project, and it went on to become one of the internet’s wild success stories. …

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