Announcement — New Book Launch Through Amazon

Shah Mohammed
2 min readJul 2, 2022

Devastating! Yes, it was shocking and upsetting to see them in that depressed state. They were some of my close friends from a client team. They have spent months designing, developing, and launching that product. They were energetic, passionate, and enthusiastic while working on the project. Their fervor inspired me to become part of their assignment as a design consultant. The research also strongly showed that there was a need. Unfortunately…. the product failed in the market. All of us were heartbroken. It was painful to see my teammates. And, the incident touched a chord in my mind.

Around the same time, a couple of other client teams encountered the same situation. Even after so much research, finding the right market fit, and designing with the user, the products have failed. My worry deepened.

Why did it happen?

What are we missing?

I began to scour for answers.

The quest made me read hundreds of books and analyze several business case studies. Things began to unravel. I began to record the patterns that played a critical role. The thought of publishing them as a book crossed my mind as time passed.

After five years of research, I began to pen my findings on the secret ingredients of some of the world’s best products/brands. A nudge from a friend pushed me to name that book ‘Boil The Ocean’.

Finally, I am happy to share that this book is ultimately seeing the light — It is now available on Amazon.

Below is the link —

Looking forward to hearing your views.