Business Lessons From ‘Art Of War’ (Sun Tzu) — Part 03

11 — The clever general looks to the effect of combined energy of the team than individuals — Sun Tzu

12 — Know your enemy, know yourself well, you could win the war -Sun Tzu

The sustainable competitive strategy of a business depends on deliberately choosing a different set of activities that are different from your competitor in order to deliver a unique value proposition to your customer.

13 — The general who sees the obvious wins the battle with difficulty. He who looks below the surface wins with ease — Sun Tzu

14 — You need a strategy to win the battle, cannot win just with the brute strength alone — Sun Tzu

15 — The general has to strictly adhere to the military method — Sun Tzu

16 — To understand the enemy, you need to let him down his guard — Sun Tzu

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