Can You Give Me The Power To Control ‘The Wind’?

Pratap to God, “God, Can you give me the power to control the wind?”

God, “Sure Pratap. Can you tell me what is a Wind?”

Pratap, “Wind is movement of the air caused by difference in air pressures and the rotation of Earth”

God, “Good. It means….To make you control the wind, I need to give you the power to control air pressure and also the rotation of Earth. Am I Right?”

Pratap, “Yes. I think So.”

God, “Now, Let’s take ‘air pressure’. What is the main parameter that affects Air Pressure?”

Pratap, Temperature — Oh…that means you need to give me the power to control the Earth’s atmospheric temperature — that means the power to control the absorption, reflection, radiation of Sun’s heat from Earth’s surface?”

God, “Yes Son. But do you know that the atmosphere extends over the ocean too?”

Pratap, “Oh…So, you need to give me the power to control the ocean currents?”

God, “Yes, Everything is interconnected, but not linearly linked”

Pratap, “That means I need to have the power to control the ‘Hydrologic Cycle’?”

God, “You are right. Son, to control the temperature, ocean currents, hydrologic cycle, you need to understand what triggers Global Wind Movements and Global Weather Movements. Do you know?”

Pratap, “Yes. The Arctic and Antarctica Poles, The poles freeze due to the lack of sufficient sunlight…. which is caused by the Earth’s tilt. Colder air moves from the poles to the warmer areas of Equator… coupled with Earth’s rotation, trigger global weather movements. Hope I am right”.

God, “Good. Have you heard about the ‘Polar Jet Streams’?

Pratap, “Yes. The Powerful winds present over the poles, which isolates the polar areas from other winds.”

God, “Yes. Polar jet streams play a vital role in global weather movements and the ice formation in poles. Any localised temperature control would affect the polar jet streams and the ice formation. So, You need to have a control over ‘Ice formation’ and ‘Polar Jet Streams’”.

Pratap, “Why would I need the power to control the ice formation in Antarctica?”

God, “You may know that polar jet streams help in isolating the polar regions, resulting in billion tonnes of ice formation. As seawater crystallises, tonnes of brine is expelled…..This pressurised brine sinks deep into the ocean and spread out with a massive force, creating an undersea current”

Pratap, “So, the brine water from Antarctica is responsible for global water currents?”

God, “That’s right. The movement of cold salty water towards the equator…. mixes with warm water…. rises to the surface….It is a worldwide circulation system of salt, minerals and temperature…. stirring and cooling the world oceans and finally returns back to Antarctica. The cycle continues. It is like a conveyor belt driven by an engine. Poles are the engine which drives global weather and life sustenance”.

Pratap, “So, To regulate temperature of ocean, I need to have control of ‘Ice Formation’ in poles, have control of polar jet streams”

God, “Right. Antarctica protects Earth’s climate from wild swings. A long-term stable temperature is needed to provide time for organisms and life to flourish”.

Pratap, “So, The process starts with Antarctica and it has a profound effect on the life all around the Earth.”

God, “Yes. Do you know that if you alter the ‘Ice Formation’, it would deplete minerals, nutrients on Earth and would affect life forms on Earth?”

Pratap with a surprised face, “How would it deplete minerals and nutrients?”

God, “Have you read about Under-Water Volcanoes?”

Pratap, “Oh…Yes. They erupt and bring out minerals and nutrients from beneath the sea floor”

God, “Yes. These volcanoes are generally hot. When the molten rocks and freezing brine from poles mix, the volcano erupts….. due to variation in temperature and complex chemical reactions. The eruption brings forth compounds like iron, sulphur and nutrients that provide food, energy for the living organisms. Deep ocean currents carry them and distribute. Ocean winds pick these minerals from the ocean surface and deposit them in lands — sometimes by evaporation and condensation”.

Pratap, “You mean to say that you have to provide me with the power to control the eruption of Volcanoes too?”

God with a smile, “No. To control Volcano, I need to provide you with the power to control tectonic plate movements, magma movement, crust temperature….list would go on. We can discuss that for another day”

Pratap, “Oh…Hard task. Would there be any other impact if I got the power to control the wind?”

God continues, “You know if I provide you with the power to control the wind, you might affect the Earth’s geography and life sustenance?”

Pratap, “How? Can you provide me with an example?”

God, “Have you seen the mineral deposits in the Sahara Desert? Atmospheric winds carrying those minerals from the ocean floor and depositing in the desert?”

Pratap, “Ah….Yes. I have heard about that. Why the desert need those minerals, nutrients?”

God, “You would have heard about desert storms. Dust storms in Sahara desert carry those minerals, nutrients and deposit by means of rainfall in Amazon forests, which is 2000 miles away”.

Pratap, “Oh…I remember. I have read somewhere that tonnes of phosphorous and other minerals are deposited every year in Amazon forests by these Sahara desert storms. It is unbelievable to know that the rainfall in Amazon forest is due to the presence of this Sahara Desert”

God, “That’s Right. When plants die in the Amazon forests, these minerals get into the soil. The clouds with dust from Sahara desert…keep moving…when they reach Amazon forest….They become heavy ….Then the heavy rainfall… The rainwater washes away the soil nutrients and deposits them along the river banks. That’s why life flourishes on the banks”.

Pratap, “Oh…complex interlinked cyclic processes.”

God, “Remember that we discussed that to control the wind, we also need to control the rotation of Earth. Am I right?

Pratap, “Yes. I remember. What would happen if I change the Earth’s rotation to control the wind?”

God, “Everyone dies.

Pratap, “I’m sorry. But How? Day and night timings would change. It might affect us. But what else?”

God, “If you change the rotational speed of Earth, it would affect multiple elements. Let’s take one of the elements — The Graviational pull of the Moon. The Earth is relatively stable and does not wobble — thanks to the gravitational pull of the Moon.”

Pratap, “Any change in rotational speed of Earth would affect the gravitational pull of the moon?”

God, “Yes. Any change in this force would make earth wobble, which would further weaken the gravitational force. As the gravitational force decrease, tidal waves in the sea would decrease, oceans become calmer, sea creatures struggle to move and die in some time”.

Pratap, “I Understand. Will this change in gravitational pull affect the tilt of the Earth?”

God, “Yes. You are right. As Earth would also be wobbling, depending on the magnitude, direction of gravitational pull….. its tilt may increase or decrease. If the tilts change, one of the poles would become warmer, resulting in complete collapse of Global Weather system — A terrible catastrophe.

Pratap, “It is frightening. Will it also affect Earth’s magnetic field?”

God, “Yes. You already would be knowing that how Earth’s Magnetic field deflects Sun’s solar wind from reaching the Earth’s surface.

Pratap, “Yes. I know. They protect us from harmful rays.”

God, “Once the shield is weakened, the solar storm would strip away the Earth’s atmosphere completely. Can anybody survive?

Pratap, “No. The whole system appears like a deck of cards stacked up to form a complex delicate 3D structure. If you remove any one card, the whole structure would collapse.”

God, “True. Everything is interconnected to multiple elements, but are in equilibrium.”

Pratap, “I Understand.”

God, “To reach this equilibrium state… Earth took billions of years, countless experiments, an enormous number of iterations, many failures, costly feedbacks, six mass extinction cycles to perfect the conditions suitable enough to sustain life…and it’s still evolving. Humans need to be extremely careful, as their actions….even though it may appear as localised actions…..may upset this delicate equilibrium. The damage would be irreversible”

Pratap, “I agree”

God, “Son, Do you want to control the wind?”

Pratap with a smile, “You already know what would be my answer.So….”

God smiled.

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