Nothing Happens

Day begins, Night appears, Earth continues to rotate, Nothing Happens

Sea tides rise, Earth does not wobble on its axis, Moon continues to slowly move away, Nothing Happens

Summer arrives, Winter approaches, Earth continues to remain tilted, Nothing Happens

Poles work like pulleys, oceans move like a conveyor, Sun continues to power the climate, Nothing Happens

Antarctica Ocean freezes, The Equator warms, Ocean currents continue to distribute temperature, Nothing Happens

Oceans turnover up and down, Salt brine move in endless loop, Water flow continues to be in equilibrium, Nothing Happens

Deep-ocean Volcano erupts, Earth swallows minerals, World’s food chain continue to strive, Nothing Happens

Animals come and go, Plants born and die, Plankton continue to appear, Nothing Happens

Snow on mountains, Diatomite on desert, Atmosphere continues to disperse and deposit, Nothing Happens

Desert storms rise in Sahara, Rain falls in Amazon forests, Nutrients continue to exchange, Nothing Happens

Vapours rise, Lightning splits nitrogen, Life continue to thrive, Nothing Happens

Forest wildfire rages, Hurricanes sweep through, Life continues to regenerate and revitalise, Nothing Happens

Seabed goes to a mountain’s top, Mountains go under the sea, Magma continue to roll around, Nothing Happens

Mountains erupt and erode, Lands become fertile, Rivers continue to shape the life, Nothing Happens

Continents pull away from each other, Landmass push against each other, Tectonic plates continue to move around, Nothing Happens

Yes, Nothing Happens, Nothing Happens to Some of us

Our Earth maybe in equilibrium, but some of us are still in imbalance, Nothing Happens

Most of us are at peace, but some of us are still in turmoil, Nothing Happens

Most of us keep moving up in status, but some of us stand still, Nothing Happens

Most of us dare to dream, but Some of us dream to dare, Nothing Happens

Most of us could feel how their work moves, but some of us could only feel how their time moves, Nothing Happens

Most of us control the situations, but Some of us yet to get an opportunity to control the situation, Nothing Happens

Most of us can influence the world, but Some of us are yet under the influence of the world, Nothing Happens

Most of us live in the world of others, but Some of us live alone in their own world, Nothing Happens

Most of us build castles, but some of us could build only hopes, Nothing Happens

Some of our laughs tell a story of success; For some, their smile tells a story of sadness, Nothing Happens

Success builds up in every step for most of us; For some, the platform collapses in every step, Nothing Happens

Some of us, experiment, explore, move around, work hard, put more effort, Nothing Happens

Yes, Nothing Happens, Time just flies but Nothing Happens

But remember that the Earth took millions of years, numerous iterations, six mass extinctions to stabilize life in this world

So, ‘Nothing Happens’ would soon turn into ‘Everything Happens’

Secular Humanist, Business Growth Consultant, Design Thinker, India. Reach me at or

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