Single Colour or Multi Colour for Brand Logos?

Great brands should own a color in a consumer’s mind in their category.

Can you recall the colours of FedEx in an instant- Purple and ……Can you recall UPS colour — Brown and ….. As a user, it is easier to recall a colour of a brand if it is of a single colour. Sometimes, tough to recollect the second colour.

Mcdonalds owns Yellow colour in its category. Which colour does Burger King own?

Can you recall the colours of Shell petroleum — Red and ….., Hindustan Petroleum — Dark Blue and …., Indian Oil — Orange and ….., Bharat Petroleum — Yellow and …

Pepsi(Can you recollect the colours?) and Coca-cola

Does multi colour help in brand extensions — No it complicates. Look at FedEx — How could people remember the color or recognise the services?

Let us look at some of the single colour brands below (Except Instagram)

Some more single colour brands — Disney, Starbucks, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Cadbury, CVS, Crunchbase, DeWalt, ESPN, HP, IKEA, Economic Times and so on.

STARBUCKS owns the above green colour in consumer’s mind in the coffee category.

Apple’s “White” logo makes it easy to identify the apple products even at a distance.

Single colour in the logo — makes it easier to transfer the logo to various mediums.

Single colour — Easier for brand extensions (Though Virgin is not a good example)

Single colours grab attention better than multi-color brands when viewed from a longer distance, helps to stand out from the crowd — Example, Mcdonalds Vs Burger King.

Avoid colours that conflict with the brand name — Cognitive Dissonance for users. Pinkberry in green colour.

Even if we need to use more than one colour, we should make sure that one colour is prominent and different from competitors.

References:: Content from Visual Hammer by Laura Ries

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