The ‘One Line’ Life Lessons from some Movies.

The Movie ‘Pursuit Of Happyness’ — Attitude, Determination, Consistent commitment Builds Passion.

The movie ‘Forrest Gump’ — You can ‘Grow Your Abilities’ as your ‘True Potential is Unknown’.

The Movie ‘Jerry Maguire’ — If you ‘Care for People’, they would ‘Care for your Product or Service’.

The Movie ‘The Walk’ — Love your work for the ‘Sake of Action’ and ‘Not for Rewards’.

The Movie “Amistad” — In Business or Life, Whoever Tells the Best Story, Wins.

The Movie ‘Groundhog Day’- The art of Influencing People is to “Notice Them”

The Movie ‘Mr.Holmes’ — Emotional Mind Triumphs Rational Mind.

The Movie ‘Ex-Machina’ — Tool Maker Usurped by Tool’s Human Mind

The Movie ‘The Butler’ — The Conflicting Tension Between ‘What Could You Do’ and ‘What Should You Do’

The Movie ‘Whiplash’ — A Little Mental Imbalance Propels us to Achieve Goals

The Movie ‘Kramer Vs Kramer’ — A Mother Can Be Made Out Of Father.

The Movie ‘Dog Day Afternoon’ — Do Not ‘Blame the People’, Blame the Situations.

The Movie ‘2001-A Space Odyssey’ — Some Events do not Follow ‘Law Of Causality’

The Movie ‘Philadelphia’ — ‘Life has a Meaning’ Even ‘After Your Death’.

The Movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ — ‘Live Life’ as if It Is a ‘Second Chance’.

The Movie ‘Up In The Air’ — A Happier, Meaningful Life is Driven by People Around You.

The Movie ‘MoneyBall’ — ‘Unravel the Hidden Traps’ in ‘Decision Making’.

The Movie ‘Cast Away’ — If you know ‘Why To Live’, You Can Bear Anything.

The Movie ‘The Firm’ — Don’t do ‘What Other People’ Wish You to Do.

The Movie ’12 Angry Men’ — Most of Us are ‘Incapable of Recognising’ our ‘Own Biases’.

The Movie ‘Taxi Driver’ — ‘Search Life’s Meaning’ in the ‘World’ — Rather than Within You

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