Teach Your Business to Employees — A Growth Hack Business Strategy

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  • Understanding business strategy helps an employee know the reasons behind the company’s every request to him/her. His/her involvement in the work would grow.
  • Understanding the core values of the business helps a person in making the right decisions.
  • Knowledge of core competencies of the business drives an employee to focus on the right and relevant activities. It will strengthen the business’s core competency, widening the distance from the next competitor.
  • Employees can reject activities that don’t align with strategic goals. In that way, they are helping the company save time and avoid loss of revenue.
  • An employee will change the way he/she works when he learns the competitive realities of the market and the low margins the company is fighting for survival.
  • When every employee understands the market competition, the customer requirements, and how their product fits in, he/she will become a brand evangelist. His/her behavior can impart the positive value of the brand in the consumer’s mind. Businesses attain rapid growth when employees of the company act as brand ambassadors. It helps in building loyal customers.
  • If every employee is knowledgeable, he/she can react quickly to the changes in the market. In some cases, they can predict the changes and alter the course. It means that the whole organization becomes flexible in meeting customers’ changing needs.
  • With knowledge, employees' ideas of how to improve the business become much more meaningful and relevant.
  • When the employee sees his contribution, he will soon think and act like an owner. Owners, real owners, always go above and beyond their work. They will think about every problem from multiple perspectives and look for a long-term solution. They’ll always have one eye in the future.
  • Teaching employees to understand the big picture takes ignorance out of the workplace. It entices people to get involved. The knowledge gap between workers and managers vanishes.
  • An employee with business knowledge knows that it’s not only about how he or his department fits into the big picture but also about how others influence the whole business. It will force him to think from the shoes of others. Later, he will look for opportunities to help others. It leads to the overall success of the company. Sharing the big picture of business allows everyone to get together and work toward the same goals, building a coherent business.




Author -Boil The Ocean. Business Strategy Consultant, Design Thinker. mmshah8@gmail.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/shahmm, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B4HFJL95

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Shah Mohammed

Shah Mohammed

Author -Boil The Ocean. Business Strategy Consultant, Design Thinker. mmshah8@gmail.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/shahmm, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B4HFJL95

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