The Earth and it’s Equilibrium

The world we live today took millions of years, countless experiments, an enormous number of iterations, numerous prototypes, many failures, costly feedback's to perfect the conditions suitable enough to sustain life and it still keeps evolving. (In real life, most of us are expected to do everything perfectly in the first attempt.)

Our Earth was formed from a super nova explosion, 4.5 billion years ago. The whole world including human beings is made from the minerals of Star Dust. Your right eye is made from a different star and left eye is made of materials from another star. (Everyone is made up of ‘Star Material’ -We are real stars — only thing some of us take time to realise our own value).

Our Earth had undergone six mass extinction cycles and almost 90 percent of life vanished every time — terrible climatic conditions prevailed — Each and every mass extinction have made Earth a better place to live — the reason why we survive today, the reason why we have fuel to drive the car today, the reason why we have abundant minerals for our survival, the reason why we have enormous building materials, the reason why we have stable climatic conditions. (Any failure in our life is the first step for a better future. The probability that our failures would result in a gain for somebody, somewhere is high. An animal died billion of years of ago turned fossil and provide us with the fuel for our car now — we should not underestimate our contribution).

One of the wonderful things about our world is ‘Everything is interconnected and in equilibrium’ — It is like a pack of cards assembled as a structure — you cannot expect to maintain stability of structure by removing just one word — you cannot think of changing one element or parameter from our world — you need to think and control the whole system.

Let’s take an example(I am just simplifying it — the interaction between components are a complex one and not a linear one) — Imagine that we want to control the wind. To control the wind, we need to control the air pressure and earth’s rotational speed — to control air pressure, we need to control temperature — To control temperature, we need to control surface absorption, radiation, the reflection of suns’ heat — it would affect Antarctica Continent — would affect ice formation — would affect polar current which would affect the under ocean currents — If under ocean warm currents fail to mix with cold water from Antarctica, it would affect the plate tectonic movements — any considerable variation in freezing of ice at Antarctica would affect the whole of earth’s climate — reduced formation of ice would affect brine distribution throughout the world affecting the marine life — Any change in earth’s rotational speed would be catastrophic — Moon’s gravitational field would go for a toss, Sun’s gravitational field would get more control, tides go wild, sea level rises, earth’s tilt changes, the conditions at poles change affecting magnetic layer above the earth surface, weakening of magnetic layer would allow solar storm to enter earth’s atmosphere, climatic conditions worsen and everyone dies.

Yes, it is a complex world, but everything is interconnected to more than 2 elements and in equilibrium. We, humans, are a tiny part of this massive system and people who lived before us helped us inherit a stable place. Each and everyone’s action, words, thoughts are interlinked and responsible for the equilibrium of the system.

The dust storm in the Sahara Desert transforms Amazon forests, which is 2000 miles away. Similarly, our life may appear as a desert riddled with problems now, but this would be transforming somebody’s life to a rain forest. A life’s success is measured by happiness and ‘Love’ is the ultimate reason for ‘Happiness’. The extreme happiness lies in how much happiness you could provide to others.

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