Are You Climbing The Wrong Wall?

One day, a firebug saw a wall.

The firebug thought that if it could climb the wall and reach the top, it might get an abundant supply of food.

The firebug tried climbing the wall.

Unfortunately, the wall was little slippery. The firebug kept slipping.

But our firebug was determined. It kept trying for a long time. Finally, it got an idea of overcoming the slipperiness. Instead of moving up in a straight line, it tried climbing in a Zig-Zag fashion.

After few trials, the firebug finally succeeded in discovering the best movement pattern. It slowly reached the top. And… it was shocking for the firebug.

It was a bucket. The firebug did not know that it was climbing the wall of a bucket. There was no seeds or any other food. As the wall was thin, the firebug slipped and fell down into the bucket.

Lying inside the bucket, firebug cursed its fate.

Unfortunately, the inner wall of the bucket is much more slippery than the outer wall. Being exhausted, the firebug realised that it would be impossible for him to summon enough energy to climb out of the bucket. It decided to spend rest of his life within the bucket.

Some of us have taken decisions in life and climbed walls like this. After years of hard work, we would be hopeful of reaching a stage where things would be easier and enjoyable. Unfortunately, when we reach a particular juncture, we realise that things are not as we expected. We notice that we were behind wrong goals. We unknowingly slipped into the bucket and was trapped. We are at such a stage of life that it would be tough mustering the enough energy to work hard like how we would have done in our youthful days.

Unless we summon enough determination and grit, we would be compelled to live the rest of our lives inside that bucket.

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