You are not the real ‘You’

You have so many ‘You’s’ inside you

One ‘You’ is what the world sees

One ‘You’ is what you think you show it to the world

One ‘You’ acts according to the social norm

One ‘You’ wish to live according to your mind’s morals

One ‘You’ aspires to be a non-conformist

One ‘You’ desires to be an Outlier

One ‘You’ fancies living in present

One ‘You’ longs to be present hedonistic

One ‘You’ demands Future Oriented Perspective

One ‘You’ craves for Past Life’s status quo

One ‘You’ believe in life’s limitations

One ‘You’ looks at limitations as opportunities to grow

One ‘You’ let the situation influence behaviours, attitudes

One ‘You’ influences the situation

One ‘You’ searches for the life’s meaning

One ‘You’ yearns to create a new meaning for the life

Every ‘You’ differs in intensity

With so many ‘You’s’, you may not be aware which ‘You’ is in control of you

You may display a different ‘You’ based on the situations

You may reveal a blend of ‘You’s’ depending on the situation

Sometimes your rational mind gets an opportunity to choose the ‘You’ to display

Many a time, your subconscious mind chooses the ‘You’ without your knowledge

To control the every ‘You’, you need to be aware of it

More the awareness of every ‘You’, More the control of your life.

Secular Humanist, Business Growth Consultant, Design Thinker, India. Reach me at or

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