To Control Your Life, Learn to …

To control your life, learn to Forget yourself

To forget yourself, realize how to be Manage Happiness

To manage your happiness, perceive how to Make others happy

To make other’s happy, discover their Emotional Needs

To discover other’s emotional needs, practice Empathy

To be empathetic, be proficient in Regulating your Emotions

To regulate your emotions, master Self-awareness(Understand yourself)

To master self-awareness, cultivate and grow the Motivation

To grow motivation, pick up Interest and nurture

To nurture interest, evolve Deliberate Practice(Mastery)

To develop mastery, build GRIT

To be Grittier, embrace a “Growth Mindset

To embrace “Growth Mindset”, focus on Future Oriented Time Perspective

To be future oriented, start Trusting people, society, government

To grow trust, learn to Influence your behaviours, attitudes

To influence your behaviour, learn to Influence your mind

To influence your mind, learn to Influence your body

To influence your body, learn to Influence your situations

To influence your situations, learn Not to take anything personally

To stop taking things personally, learn to Stop making Assumptions

To stop making assumptions, learn to Think or Talk only positive things about others

To think only positive things, learn to Remember only good incidents and good things about people from the past

To remember only good things in life, learn to find Things that disappears your sense of time(You are fully immersed in the experience and lost track of time, surroundings and yourself)

To lose sense of time and fully immerse in tasks, understand How things make you forget yourself

And the cycle continues……

Note: The parameters are not linearly interlinked as explained above. In reality, each parameter influence more than two parameters.

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