When Designers Watch A Movie….

I’ve taken screen shots of first 15 minutes of a movie “The Good Dinosaur” to show what designers observe in a movie (When they watch the movie more than 2 times)(Thanks to my 3 year old daughter who forced me to watch the movie with her).

Designers are obsessed with “Rule of Thirds” -Visual composition following the rule— Most of the time, the actions start at intersections of lines as shown below. The movie starts with the following scene, where an astroid at the blue circled intersection moves along the curved path and strikes the astroid at the green circled intersection.

Rule Of Thirds

-The end of first 15 minutes of movie.

Secular Humanist, Business Growth Consultant, Design Thinker, India. Reach me at mmshah8@gmail.com. or https://www.shahmohammed.com

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