When Designers Watch A Movie….

I’ve taken screen shots of first 15 minutes of a movie “The Good Dinosaur” to show what designers observe in a movie (When they watch the movie more than 2 times)(Thanks to my 3 year old daughter who forced me to watch the movie with her).

Designers are obsessed with “Rule of Thirds” -Visual composition following the rule— Most of the time, the actions start at intersections of lines as shown below. The movie starts with the following scene, where an astroid at the blue circled intersection moves along the curved path and strikes the astroid at the green circled intersection.

Rule Of Thirds

Asteroid -Rule Of Third
We could see the Asteroid moving in the top row above Earth-Rule Of Thirds. Asteroid did not hit the earth? Oh…No Extinction Of Dinosaurs?
We had larger sized animals during Dinosaur Period, which became extinct after Asteroid stuck the Earth, but history is about to change in the movie.
The Animal which turns its head to see the passing light — Rule of Thirds(See the location of Head)
Rule of Thirds — Visual Composition
Rule Of Thirds — Varied Landscape — End of Ice Age(Dwindling Ice), Visual Balance
Rule Of Thirds
The film starts with the River-Symbolically showing that it is going to play a major role in the movie
A Balanced almost symmetrical layout-Trees balancing the bottom row and clouds in the top row along with light
Agriculture? In this Period? It is just a story. Wait. Who did this? Good Perspective Composition. Human’s agriculture period started with grain crops — wheat(The first crop), barley, maize. So the movie chose Maize. Maybe corn could be directly consumed by the dinosaur.
Harvesting? Who is doing it? Fence? How did they build? Some straight, some at an angle-Also, nice Rule of Third Composition
Rule of Third Composition, Big legs and Small Plants(Now the corn field)-Contrast principle to visually communicate massive legs
Shadow for 2/3rd of space to communicate “Massive” visually
Massive Shadow with a slight gap over the head(1/3rd space) — We could see the whole thing clearly
Ploughing? Nice Symmetry. White Line is the central axis of image.
Ploughing with the face-Action at 1/3rd axis,Composition following Rule Of Thirds
Action happening at the central axis, balanced composition with the mountain on RHS
How they made these ropes? By Teeth? They chose rope design that could be formed by teeth. Hole(naturally formed?)for seed to fall. Rule of Thirds Too
Dinosaur’s area falls within the bottom row -Visual Composition, Rule Of Thirds. Position of Dinosaur-2/3rd from the bottom
Action at Central Axis
Rule of Thirds -Action at Left Top Intersection
Observing the shape of Head
The bigger egg lies at the intersection of both the lines clearly showing “Who is the Hero”
Differences between male and female — Head, Nose, Mouth, Chin, Nostrils, Neck, Texture,Profile etc..
Rule of Thirds, Action @ central axis
Action @ central axis
Baby’s Action at the intersection of “Rule Of Third”(Top Right Intersection) and no other movements in the top row
For second child, the action shifts to bottom left intersection(Opposite to earlier child)-Balancing the earlier event?
Right and Left done — Now Centre, Visual Symmetry, Rule of Thirds
The parent dinosaurs are covered in the top row and bottom two rows are given to baby Arlo, Visual Symmetry
Visual Symmetry and the Rule Of Thirds
Rule Of Thirds
Rule Of Thirds
Rule of Third, Action @ center, Why cock?Why bird? Because the movie’s villain is a dangerous bird? Contrast and Symbolism
Actions at the intersections, Hierarchy visually shown
How could dinosaur life this by holding only at the end? Would it not rotate? They never showed the another end. Maybe somebody was holding it.
Silo’s roof is like the head of ‘Spot’ the human(I agree he is not yet a human) kid. Fence, Silo’s head — similar design language.
Rule of Thirds, Hierarchy, I liked surface design in one of the stones
Do not ask me why that twig is there?
Even the grass follows “Rule Of Thirds”
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Rule Of Thirds

-The end of first 15 minutes of movie.

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