The late 1990s saw the launch of several portable MP3 players as substitutes for Walkman and portable CD players. However, their sales were lukewarm. In 2001, Apple entered the digital music industry with the launch of the iPod. Critics commented that iPod would die down without a whimper. However, iPod changed the way people listened to music. It made it cool and fashionable to listen to music on the move. And it transformed the music industry itself.

Why did iPod succeed? What lessons can we learn?


Lee Iacocca, former Ford Chairman, said that selling a product is about solving customer…

Brand Name selection is one of the critical decisions an organization has to make. A good name can enhance brand recall and create a positive association with the customer. It is a vital element in building brand equity.

However, choosing a name for a new brand is one of the toughest challenges in business. Let’s have a look at RIM’s BlackBerry brand name evolution and understand its reasons.


In 1999, a Canadian company Research In Motion(RIM), wanted to launch a new portable communication device that would help a business executive send/receive e-mails at his/her convenience. …


Dad, with an angry, irritated tone of voice, “Ammu, It is not good. Why do you take so much time to finish your breakfast?.”

7-year-old Ammu with a calm voice, “Douglas Adams says that ‘Why’ is the most difficult, unanswerable question in the world. So, either, do not ask me ‘Why’ or answer me ‘Why Not?’ before asking ‘Why’.”

Dad just stood still, not knowing what to answer.


Six-year-old Ammu was video-recording her speech on the phone. Dad just came to the room.

He overheard part of Ammu’s speech, “You have to run away from the problem”.

On hearing this…

RIM, A Brief History

In 1984, Mike Lazaridis and Doug Fregin started a consulting company Research In Motion(RIM). The firm designed and developed several hardware/software products for the local wireless communication industry.

In 1989, a Canadian phone company called RAM Mobile Data contracted RIM to work on its newly acquired data network called Mobitex. Lazaridis developed mobile messaging(ran on Mobitex Network) and a wireless e-mail gateway service called RIMgate.

In the early 1990s, the company designed a portable, low-cost, and powerful Radio modem card that consumed less power. The hardware attracted several handheld device manufacturers.

In the early 1990s, a new product category called PDA gained traction among corporate executives.

Most of the companies who launched PDAs saw their device effectively as a handheld PC, capable of handling some of the office-related tasks of a corporate executive. Every basic PDA had an address book, notepad, and an application for appointments. A few PDAs offered many more applications like spreadsheets, word processors, financial management software, clock, calculator, and games.

The ability to transfer data to and fro from a handheld device to a desktop PC was also a significant factor in attracting business people to open…

In the late 1990s, P&G was looking for ways to dominate the beauty industry. Their research showed that focusing on skincare would help them in achieving their goals.

Skincare(soaps, cleansers, moisturizers, lotions, and other treatments) contributed about a quarter of the total beauty industry at that time.

How focusing on skincare could help P&G? —

  • Loyalty — A detailed study revealed that customers remain loyal to their skincare brands as they deemed it risky to experiment with other new products/brands. …

We all know that Employee Productivity plays a pivotal role in building a sustainable business.

Employee Productivity? —Productive employees are people who are willing(without any coercion) to do their best work all the time — who will happily go above and beyond their job description and contribute to the company — who don’t need a daily dose of external motivation from their superiors(They’re internally driven).

As productive employees love their work, they are happy and joyful. Allison Aubrey wrote in an NPR article, “Studies show that when a person becomes happy, a friend living close by has a 25 percent…

We all know that organizational culture plays a pivotal role in building a sustainable business. And recently, successful organizations have shown that one critical ingredient, Workplace Transparency, is a significant influencer in developing a favorable organizational culture.

The benefits of transparency at all levels inside the organization —

  • A transparent workplace nourishes a fearless environment, encouraging employees to be open about their ideas, criticisms, achievements, and mistakes. They can be themselves instead of being somebody else. Happy employees mean satisfied customers.
  • Transparency in meetings would bring all the hidden problems, information, and insights from the work environment to the surface…

12 Angry Men movie is about 12 jurors from distinctive backgrounds meeting in a room to discuss the murder trial of an 18-year old boy from a slum charged with stabbing his father to death.

What lessons did I observe in the movie?


In the opening scenes, juror eight alone votes for “non-guilty.” Other jurors are annoyed and started targeting him.

Several leadership books/articles have glamourized the leader’s contribution to an organization’s success. They projected an image that a leader was responsible for everything. It has indirectly advocated self-centred leadership among the readers.

Unfortunately, some people have achieved business & financial success, fame, and power through self-centred leadership. They have made decisions and took actions solely on the condition that it would boost their career, reputation, or power. For them, caring for others is secondary to personal gain. However, after a while, those leaders have started intimidating and manipulating of subordinates, creating an internal culture of toxicity. …

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